Callosa d’en Sarriá

An agricultural town, close to Benidorm and Altea, and very popular with tourists because of the famous fountains of the Algar River.

Callosa is situated between the rivers Guadalest, Algar and Bolulla, with stunning natural fountains and waterfalls. The abundance of water and the mild climate mean that they produce Mediterranean crops such as almonds and grapes in the area. They also produce tropical crops such as kiwi, mango, and the loquat. Production of the Loquat in Callosa contributes to more than half the Spanish production of this fruit.

It is easy to reach, using the AP7 motorway or the CN 332. Alcoy is located inland and Benidorm is only 10 kilometres away on the coast.

The Fountains of Algar are only 3 kilometres from the centre of Callosa. The river Algar flows for a mile through canyons and lush Mediterranean flora forming natural waterfalls and pools. This beautiful natural setting is protected due to the ecological diversity of the area. The area was declared a protected wetland in 2003 and is an important illustration of the economic, ecological and cultural importance of water.