La Vila Joiosa


Villajoyosa officially named Vila Joiosa in the Valencian language is also known as La Vila for short. It forms part of the Valencia Community, is located on the Costa Blanca and is the Capital of the Marina Baixa district.

It has over 30,000 inhabitants and is located just 30 kms. from Alicante. It is easily accessible from the AP7 and the N-332. The local TRAM which runs from Alicante to Denia also stops at Villajoyosa making it easy to visit.

The first settlers were in the Bronze Age and the old town was originally an Iberian settlement. The Romans settlers called it Alonis although in the Middle Ages the area was uninhabited.

The Christian city of Villajoyosa was founded in 1300 by Bernardo de Sarria, an Admiral under King Alfonso XIII, the aim was to control the coast line and protect the area from the Muslim attacks. Alfonso XIII finally granted Villajoyosa its town charter in 1911.

Villajoyosa is famous for the Moors and Christians festival held every year from 24th – 31st of July in honour of their patron Saint Martha. The fiestas were declared to be of International Tourist Interest in 2003.

Local dishes from the city incluye; el arroz con judías al harina ( rice with beans) , le borreta de melva, Paella Vilera, Pebrereta, Puchero con tarongetes (pelotas) & coca escaldada.

Villajoyosa has a splendid Marina and fishing port and an important connection with the fishing industry as well as famous chocolate factories.

Coastal towers, ancient walls and other remains of the old cities mix with the bold colours of the hanging houses at the mouth of the River Amadorio.